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Self-Fulfillment & Environmentally Friendly

Typically, bags may become unusable due to damage, as their manufacturing principles did not originally consider repair or recycling. As a result, they often become difficult waste and give rise to many environmental problems.

The Studio Smoll product concept is to allow consumers to experience the fun of assembling leather goods themselves through a folding method, and then enjoy the rich texture of natural leather. The assembly process only requires the use of a special patented incision structure and does not use chemicals such as needles, glue, nor require the purchase of additional professional tools or courses. This easy-to-assemble product concept enables consumers to purchase individual parts to repair damaged bags. Even if they are no longer used, the product can be easily dismantled like during assembly, and all materials can be decomposed and recycled. Environmental friendliness is the core value of our brand.

Three Key Elements of Smollism

The innovative patented cut is the key to Smollism's ability to produce leather bags without the need for needles and adhesives. It has obtained patents in many countries, including Taiwan, China, the United States, the European Union, and Japan, and won the 2020 German iF Design Award for its novelty. The interlaced cuts are applied to a single piece of leather, considering the correct assembly guidance and the two major advantages of fully retaining the toughness of the vegetable-tanned leather. Its durability has been verified in various bag styles sold over the past few years.

Vegetable-tanned leather refers to the tanning agent used in the leather-making process (for anti-corrosion purposes), which is derived from natural plants. The process is quite lengthy and time-consuming, so vegetable-tanned leather is priced higher in the leather market and its popularity is far lower than that of chromium-tanned leather, which is suitable for mass production. The tough and stiff characteristics of vegetable-tanned leather are perfectly matched with the three-dimensional structure of Smollism's folding molding, and its ability to truly present the texture of leather and its natural and environmentally friendly appeal is consistent with Smollism's original intention. Therefore, Studio Smoll insists on using Italian imported natural vegetable-tanned leather.

Hardware components have always been regarded as the soul of leather goods. Smoll's hexagonal screws are different from the mass-produced screws that are typically forged at high speed. Each screw we provide is a "custom-made" product that is cut and machined from a solid piece of 304 stainless steel. In order to achieve Smollism's goal of being able to assemble with just hands, we have set the torque and pitch of the screws very differently from regular M6 screws and have very demanding machining requirements for the tightness between the screws and the partner parts (nuts). All of this is only to let users experience excellent hand feel and enjoy the entire assembly process.

國內外市場拓展實績 Marketing Effects

2023 Taiwan: 嘖嘖巧翻募資活動
2022 Japan: Fashion World Tokyo 東京國際時尚匯集展
2022 Italy: MIPEL 米蘭國際箱包皮具展
2022 US: Kickstarter 巧摺募資活動
2021 Taiwan: 嘖嘖巧摺募資活動
2019 US: NY NOW 美國紐約國際禮品展
2019 France: Maison & Objet 巴黎時尚家居設計展
2019 Japan: Design Tokyo日本東京國際設計品展
2019 Japan: Extra Preview 東京潮流商品展
2018 Korea Seoul: Design Festival 韓國首爾設計週
2019 Taiwan: Creative Expo 台灣文博會

得獎紀錄 Awards

2020 德國IF獎 / iF Design Award - Product Award Winner
2020 米蘭Mipel 大會趨勢產品 / Mipel 117 Trend Area Product
2019 紐約NY Now永續特展受邀展出 / NY Now Sustainability design for a better world
2019 Design Tokyo大賞 優秀賞/ Design Tokyo - Products Award Winner
2018 金點設計獎 年度最佳設計獎 / Golden Pin Design Award - Best Design
2018 臺灣文博會文創精品獎 / Creative EXPO Taiwan - Best Fashion Style Award

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